Brief Poems is a site connected to the twitter account @poemtoday which was set up in September 2009 to provide, on a daily basis, a tweet-sized poem. This site was set up to anthologise, categorise and personalise some of these selections. The criteria for inclusion on this and the twitter account are twofold.

First, the poem must fit into a tweet. It must have no more than 140 characters, including layout, title and poet’s name or initials. (The title may be omitted if it is an opus number, the first line of the poem or the word “Poem”.)

Second, I need to find the poem interesting. I hope you do too.


Addendum: in 2017 Twitter changed its policy to allow longer tweets. However, I have continued to source poems that fit the original limitations. I have no desire to go down the route of the limerick.

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