About the Brief Poem

An Essay by David Barber from Parnassus Poetry in Review (1999)A Brief for the Epigram

Mark Granier’s essay What One Note Holds: Writing the Short Poem from Poetry Ireland.

An Essay by Stefan Strychar in The Critical Flame: A Lot from a Little: Demystifying the Aphoristic Poem.

Some comments on the epigram by Patrick Kurp on the Anecdotal Evidence blog.

The Latin Epigram: Brevity, Levity, and Grief, an essay by Art Beck in the Los Angeles Review of Books.


The Asses of Parnassus is a collection of short, witty formal poems.

The HyperTexts has popular translation pages of epigrams by Sappho and other Greek poets, and by Oriental masters like Ono no Komachi.

Short Poems is a selection of some favourites on the blog of Australian poet, Damian Balasonne.


An article on Tailgaters from Light Poetry Magazine.

Latin Poetry

The Latin Library. All of the poems of Catullus in Latin.

Catullus: The Poems. Translations of all the poems of Catullus by A. S. Kline.

Minimalist and Concrete Poetry

Bob Grumman on MNMLST POETRY

Bob Murdoch on very brief poems

Geof Huth on Visual Poetry Today

Cherita Site

The Cherita. In June 1997, the London-based poet, ai li, created a new poetic form called cherita, which means tale or story in Malay. It is composed of three linked stanzas, one, two, and three lines, successively. A cherita consists of a one-line stanza, followed by a two-line stanza, and then finishing with a three-line stanza. The magazine is devoted to this form.

Haiku Sites

Haiku International, edited by Hungarian Gabor Terebess, is a vast resource devoted to the haiku in Western literature. There are links to works by over 50 modern American haiku poets. as well as links to the work of other haiku writers from more than15  countries.

Basho’s Road, founded and edited by the late Norbert Blei, is dedicated “to the small poem and the quiet voice within.”  It publishes haiku from more than 100 poets.

Modern Haiku is an independent journal of haiku and haiku studies which has links to some excellent essays on the form.

AHA! POETRY, edited by Jane Reichhold, is a world of poetry “that will make you say, “Ah ha!” as you discover and explore the many short form genres of poetry.”

Best Haiku Ever, compiled by Michael R.Burch on The Hypertexts site.

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